Season 2 - Episode 7: Red Bulls

Episode 7: Red Bulls

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Bosco and Lisbon reluctantly join forces to deal with a kidnapping case. When it seems as though the hostage has no chance of survival, Jane comes up with an unorthodox plan to save her life – but Bosco refuses to put it into action.

The team is alerted to the presence of a corpse in a derelict house. When the dead man is identified as Colin Haymer, a hostage abducted three years earlier, Lisbon is reminded of a kidnapping case currently being investigated by Bosco. Much like Haymer, Mia Westlake is in her early twenties and is from a very wealthy family. “Who wants to bet that Colin Haymer’s kidnappers are the same that kidnapped Mia Westlake?” asks Jane. To Bosco’s chagrin, Minelli agrees with Jane. “I want your people teaming up on this,” he says. “I want to foster better inter-unit relations.” “He’s an accident waiting to happen,” Bosco says of Jane. “This is a mistake.”

Despite his reservations, Bosco is forced to share the details of the Westlake case with Lisbon’s team. The hostage was abducted from her car 38 hours ago, her driver was shot dead and the family has since been sent a photograph of a restrained Mia at an undisclosed location. The agents are at the Westlake family mansion questioning Mia’s sister, Verona (Meredith Monroe, ‘Dawson’s Creek’, ‘Criminal Minds’), when the kidnappers’ demand arrives in the form of a video sent by email. The footage shows Mia reading from a script asking for $3.75million in small, non-sequential bills by 6pm. Failure to comply with the demand will result in Mia’s immediate execution.

Theorising that the two kidnapping cases may be linked, Lisbon speaks to Det Louis Earlen, the officer who led the Haymer investigation. “We were wondering if it was an inside job – the ransom demand was pretty specific,” says Lisbon of the Westlake case. “We considered that,” replies Earlen. “I always had a feeling about Colin’s girlfriend – Diane Zoranski.” He also has some bad news. In Haymer’s case, his family paid the ransom as demanded, but the hostage was killed nonetheless.

When Van Pelt and Rigsby go to question Zoranski at her apartment, she immediately opens fire. Van Pelt takes three bullets to the chest, but is protected by a Kevlar vest. An enraged Rigsby gives chase and eventually shoots Zoranski dead. While Van Pelt is taken to hospital for treatment, it emerges that Zoranski was part of a dangerous criminal organisation called the Crazy Hill gang. It is clear that the gang organised both kidnappings.

As the appointed payment hour approaches, Jane suggests to the team that they approach the Westlakes to identify who might be working for the gang. But Bosco is concerned that making such a move would spook the kidnappers, leading them to take drastic action. “They will kill her five minutes after they get the ransom,” says Jane. “She dies either way –we could try something...” However, Bosco is unwilling to listen to anything the maverick consultant has to say.

Back at the mansion, Bosco plants a transmitter in the case of cash and prepares to make the drop-off. Suddenly, Jane takes matters into his own hands. “There’s something you really should know,” he tells Verona. “One of the kidnappers is in this house right now. We should be talking to them, not playing with toys!” Has Jane just made a fatal error, or is this bizarre behaviour all part of a grand plan?



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