Season 5 - Episode 14: Red in Tooth and Claw

Episode 14: Red in Tooth and Claw

Sorry, this episode is no longer available to watch on Demand 5.

Find out why

Lisbon and Jane enter the murderously competitive world of academia when a research student pays the ultimate price for discovering a new species of moth.



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  • paulo 333

    1 year ago

    paulo 333

    No problems with streaming, freezing or delays but I am using a Mac and have a good broadband connection. Invest to fix your lives!

  • David

    1 year ago


    Can't get it to work- unsurprisingly evidently.

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  • david Tuck

    1 year ago

    david Tuck

    absolute joke again. amazing demand 5 group get away with the very poor quality and even worse name even when you complain to them and Ofcom!?

  • Marc

    1 year ago


    Anyone else agree that channel 5 on demand wants you to watch the adverts more than the actual programme? keeps buffering in the programme, no problems when it comes to watching the adverts...

  • EH

    1 year ago


    Anyone know why I can get the mentalist on demand 5 on my laptop easily, however it is not even visible on my internet TVs. I can get demand 5 on my internet tvs, but when I scroll through the programes or do a search there is no mentalist. It didnt used to be this way. Very annoying!

  • Razamataz1

    1 year ago


    I can't seem to be able to watch any show on Demand 5. First of all Cowboy Builders wouldn't play at all and now episode 14 of the mentalist stopped running after 35 minutes. Arggh!! Is it just me or is it a common problem?

  • mick

    1 year ago


    guess if i miss another episode, i'll wait for the re-run on 5star... as 5 on demand is a joke!!!!

  • Sky

    1 year ago


    All I wanted to do was spend a quiet hour watching this show, but it was not to be. Really! Why so many problems Channel 5. It seems to be impossible to do anything these days without complaining.

  • Malcolm

    1 year ago


    Worked perfectly. Cho and Rigsby with their dinosaurs, like big kids!

  • Julia was here

    1 year ago

    Julia was here

    Wanted: 1 female actress to throw into a small box and be covered with worms lol ew

  • Bob

    1 year ago


    Aydee- you're having better luck than me. THE SAME adverts over and over and at the most random times too, not good editing by any standards 5, not likely to make me go out and purchase the products either.

  • Karl

    1 year ago


    Absolute shocking, show kept stopping and had to go through all the same ads again. I will not be buying Virgin media

  • Jane

    1 year ago


    Why won't these episodes run - just get a black screen after the adverts!!!

  • Chris

    1 year ago


    Anyone else find that the description completely ruined the episode...I got it about 10 mins...?

  • Lorraine

    1 year ago


    Does this repeat on sky. Sky was down with the snow and it didn't record. Love it :-)

  • Manxie

    1 year ago


    Hi, Rani -if you look to where it says "EPISODE" and under that is "NEXT" you will see the date and time of the next show - at present it is showing ths as being next friday, March 29th. - you cannot watch this episode until AFTER that time (as this is a catch-up service, and not pre-view). Under this, you will see "PREVIOUS" which shows past episodes - if there is a purple box with a white arrow, you may still watch that episode. The big picture at the top is the CURRENT episode, again with a white arrow, showing that it is available to watch. Also, in the box to the right of this it tells you when this episode was broadcast, and how many more days it is available to watch on the catch-up service.

  • Pidzcum

    1 year ago


    So Grace Van Pelt is finally off to L.A. on a course? I thought it was secretly to have her baby, as she has been be glued to her chair or conveniently stood behind a file trolley in the office, looking chubbier and rosier and not out in the field with colleagues for the last few episodes. Good luck to her I say.

  • Alma

    1 year ago


    Sad to have missed The Mentalist but nice to be able to watch it just a few minutes after it has been broadcasted! Thank you very much Demand 5 Team!

  • Sabita

    1 year ago


    Please don't put spoilers in the programme description! Ruined the mystery :-(

  • Aydee

    1 year ago


    Thanks, Demand 5. Episode ran almost perfectly. PLS stop the adverts at the end of the episode, just in the last minute. It is not amusing, nor does it help sell products! Editing also improving: at last!

  • D

    1 year ago



  • Rani

    1 year ago


    I am confused about what espoides are being shown.please help. what date/time are the new espidoes on of the mentalist