Season 2 - Episode 13: Redline

Episode 13: Redline

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The agents mingle with California’s elite when a saleswoman at a supercar dealership is murdered. Lisbon focuses her attention on the victim’s troubled boyfriend, but Jane is convinced that the truth lies elsewhere – and goes to extreme lengths to prove it.

The agents are called to a luxury car showroom when the body of saleswoman Liselle Douglas is found in the boot of a vehicle. Jane immediately causes a stir when he addresses the rest of the sales team. “You’re a gladiator pit,” he tells them. “You’re a seething mass of primal hostility and mistrust.” But his harshest words are reserved for leading salesman James Kinsey. “You resented her. She did very well because she was beautiful, and you felt that gave her an unfair advantage,” he says. With no evidence of Kinsey’s involvement, however, the team is forced to look elsewhere.

At the home of Liselle’s boyfriend, struggling rock singer Jeff Sparhawk, Jane finds an expensive piece of art on the wall. Sparhawk says that the print was one of many gifts given to his late girlfriend by her rich clients. When it emerges that this particular gift came from millionaire playboy Walter Mashburn, Jane and Lisbon pay him a visit. The laidback Mashburn admits that he gave Liselle the print, but seems more keen on showing the agents his huge wealth. “This is how I live my life. If I killed Liselle, would I stuff her in a trunk like some lowrent thug?” he asks, coolly. “How would you have done it?” responds Jane. “She would have just disappeared like smoke,” says Mashburn.

Back at HQ, the results of the autopsy show that the victim was run over by a car. At the same time, police records show that staff at the dealership reported a vehicle missing from their service depot last night – only to withdraw the complaint minutes later. James Kinsey reveals that he called off the police because he realised that the car’s owner, Noah Landau, had organised the theft to retrieve the vehicle from his estranged wife. When questioned, Landau (Paul Ben-Victor, ‘The Wire’) admits that he arranged for the theft, but hired somebody else to do the dirty work – none other than Liselle’s boyfriend, Jeff Sparhawk. Could Sparhawk have run over his own girlfriend when she caught him stealing a car from her dealership?

Things do not look good for the would-be rock star when he is found brandishing a sword in a shopping centre, having crashed Landau’s car into a post. “I killed her – I killed Liselle!” he shouts. “Then let’s talk about it – let us help you, Jeff,” says Lisbon.

While Sparhawk is taken in for questioning, Jane heads off to talk to Walter Mashburn – seemingly determined to prove that the millionaire is in fact the killer. “I just need to read you a little more, dig a little deeper into your psyche,” he says. “You’re a charlatan,” replies an unconcerned Mashburn. In order to display his powers of intuition, Jane performs a trick involving a blindfold and one of Mashburn’s Lamborghinis. All goes well until the car plunges off a cliff into the sea. “That was a total accident,” he whispers when Cho arrives on scene. Has Jane just destroyed a rare supercar for no good reason, or is this all part of an elaborate plot to draw the killer out into the open?

Elsewhere this week, Lisbon reaches a decision about the future of Rigsby and Van Pelt following the revelation of their relationship. “I have to report you to employee support services,” she says. “But they’ll make one of us transfer out of the unit!” protests Van Pelt. “Yes, they will. That’s the rule, you know that,” replies Lisbon, sternly.



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