Season 2 - Episode 11: Rose-Coloured Glasses

Episode 11: Rose-Coloured Glasses

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A couple are murdered on their way to a highschool reunion. Jane connects their deaths to a particularly nasty case of childhood bullying – but can he pull off an audacious plan to flush the killer into the open?

Van Pelt seizes an opportunity to get out into the field when the CBI team is called to investigate the fatal shooting of a married couple in a car. While Rigsby is ordered to stay in the office, Van Pelt accompanies Jane and Libson to the crime scene. Selby and Jana Vickers were apparently on their way to a party when they were killed. A bottle of whisky in the car leads Jane to believe that Selby was nervous about where he was going. His hunch pays off when the agents discover that Selby was due at his high-school reunion.

Jane and Lisbon head to the party to interview Selby’s ex-classmates. Among them is TV presenter Willa Brock, who explains that Selby was never popular. “He was expelled and never graduated,” she says. It transpires Selby was thrown out of school after perpetrating a prank on a boy named Derek Logan. Selby stripped Derek naked and tied him up in the girls’ locker room, before spreading pictures of him around the school.

Jane, who never attended high school, is fascinated by the egos on display at the reunion. “It’s just a room full of people lying to each other,” he says. Lisbon reacts badly to Jane’s suggestion that people change little after they leave school. “I’m a far cry from what I was at high school,” she sniffs. Jane’s probing hits a nerve when he inspires one party guest to take his revenge over the school bully, inciting a mass brawl.

Back at the office, Jane is dismayed when Rigsby rules out his prime suspect, Derek Logan. The bullying incident at school sent Logan’s life into a tailspin and he died of a drugs overdose several years later. “Hmm. He kinda looks like you,” Jane tells Rigsby when he sees Logan’s picture.

Cho, meanwhile, has established that Selby and Jana Vickers received a threatening phone call from Jana’s former boyfriend, Terence Badali. When questioned, Terence admits the couple owed him $25,000, but denies killing them. Lisbon wonders if Selby’s attempts to find the money resulted in his death. “He must have asked someone for money who really didn’t like him asking,” she remarks.

With the reunion weekend still in full swing, Jane returns to the school and catches up with the vice principal, Joseph DeSouza, who has some kind words to say about the murder victim. “Selby was a truly good kid, until that one incident with Derek Logan,” he says. Jane begins to wonder if someone urged Selby to carry out the prank. If so, that person may have killed Selby and his wife to ensure his silence.

Jane cooks up a typically audacious scheme to expose the killer – and turns to Rigsby for help. He plans to use Rigsby’s resemblance to the late Derek Logan and have him make a surprise appearance at the reunion. Jane buys Rigsby’s co-operation by threatening to reveal his relationship with Van Pelt to Lisbon. “Think of it this way: you mess up, you blow the case, I’m gonna tell Lisbon,” he says. Rigsby duly takes to the stage under the guise of Derek Logan and tells the crowd that he knows the identity of the person responsible for the prank. But will this shocking news force the killer’s hand?


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