The Railway: First Great Western

Series 1 - Episode 4

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This week’s episode explores what happens on the network after dark. We spend a night in Reene Ehrman’s shoes on the Night Riviera service, which connects the capital to the far southwest. Before the train sets off, a fault is found in one of the carriages. Can a crack team of engineers rectify the problem and ensure that all the passengers get to bed for the night?

At west London’s busy Ealing Broadway station, a service disruption has been caused by signal failure. Fortunately, the station is also a terminus for two underground lines, so manager Dean Haynes tries to arrange for commuters to switch to either the Central or District lines to continue their journeys.

Things hot up for Gary Brownlie, Reading’s duty station manager, as hordes of student merry makers pass through the station. Ticketless travel costs the rail industry millions, so Gary comes up with a plan to catch the fare dodgers.

Down the line at Bristol, a typical night for Paul Eddolls includes missed trains, sleepy passengers and drunken revellers as he tries to clear the station. Elsewhere, Kerry Meacock and his team are carrying out essential track maintenance during the night.



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Comments (26)

  • John

    24 days ago


    I used to work for FGW out of Bristol and it's no where as glamorous as this program makes out. I left after 7 years. I did the Rivera aswell

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  • james

    7 months ago


    i had no problems watching this episode watched it straight through

  • mikesleigh

    7 months ago


    I've been trying to view this episode for the past week but it won't load up - what's the problem?

  • Lewis Jones

    7 months ago

    Lewis Jones

    Useless, simply doesn't work!

  • mike

    7 months ago


    When screen freezes go to full screen, ads restart, when program reaches the ad breaks and screen freezes again switch back to main page then back to full screen again. Have managed to watch the entire program by doing this! Don't know why this works but it does!

  • c boardman

    7 months ago

    c boardman

    As m driver has pointed out, if the screen freezes/ goes black just click the screen increase/decrease box and it will carry on playing. You shouldn,t have to do it but that's channel 5 for you.

  • Mark

    7 months ago


    The same thing - gets stuck on those damned adverts! Am not interested in B&Q, Fast & Furious 6 NOW OUT ON DVD!!!, Dead Man Down, I just want to watch the programme. Less adverts as they're just jamming and making things considerably slow! What's the point in having Player if you can't catch up? Get it right Channel 5! Less time spent on adverts and more time spent on quality! Thank You For Reading & Understanding!

  • M Driver

    7 months ago

    M Driver

    To fix the freezing advert problem just switch between screen sizes as soon as they freeze the advert then restarts and runs through.

  • GH

    7 months ago


    Useless. completely frozen. fix it chaps..

  • simon

    7 months ago


    program interesting, adverts freezeing making hard to watch, giving upon this

  • P R Collins

    7 months ago

    P R Collins

    Good programme, shame about the freezing adverts

  • peter

    7 months ago


    Gets stuck on the opening adverts ... very unreliable .. very unprofessional .. never been able to watch an episode without some sort of problem .. who's in charge of your on demand website .... Frank Spencer?

  • Saffron

    7 months ago


    Been having problems with all the episodes kept on freezing and stopping so I went on you tube and I found all the episodes on you tube and managed to watch all of them with no problem

  • john

    7 months ago


    get it sorted , the idea is to be able to catch up , but never bloody works

  • David Hall

    7 months ago

    David Hall

    Good piece on the engineering works to maintain the track. Although there were problems with the screen buffering this continues to be an excellent series.

  • Pete

    7 months ago


    I gave up. its a wast of time trying to watch this. It needs fixing.

  • Shaun

    7 months ago


    I have been unable to watch a single episode of this series here. The iPod app works fine, but not the website

  • John Jay

    7 months ago

    John Jay

    I agree with Mr Robinson. It is most annoying. This programme has frozen on me 6 times in the first few minutes. I now give up and repair to BBC I-player to enjoy advert free viewing and continuous play.

  • Graham

    7 months ago


    Hopeless .......... adverts work ok but freezes after that !!!!

  • sara

    7 months ago


    keeps freezing! Please resolve.

  • m robinson

    7 months ago

    m robinson

    Rather annoying, trying to watch the programe and the picture keeps either freezing or disappearing. Not good

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