• Episode 6: Nook & Harbour

    Fernando finds a seaside restaurant in danger of sinking, but can he persuade the father-and-son owners to rebrand?

  • Episode 5: Acorns

    Fernando attempts to turn around the fortunes of a roadside restaurant in Somerset.

  • Episode 4: Tarragon

    Fernando sets out to change the fortunes of an ailing French restaurant in East Sussex.

  • Episode 3: UK Mama

    Fernando helps a Sheffield-based Afro-Caribbean restaurant that has been hard hit by the recession.

  • Episode 2: Iggs

    Fernando heads to Edinburgh to re-invigorate a Spanish restaurant that has lost its sparkle.

  • Episode 1: The Maharaja Tandoori

    Fernando Peire comes to the aid of the father-and-son team behind a struggling Indian restaurant in the heart of London.