Series 2 - Episode 5: Acorns

Episode 5: Acorns

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One year ago, 19-year-old Ollie stepped up from being the manager to taking over the lease of a
well-established roadside restaurant in Somerset. He has plans to open several more, with the ambition of becoming a millionaire by the time he reaches 25. But all is not quite going to plan and, finding himself in too deep, Ollie turns to The Restaurant Inspector for help.

From a remote location, Fernando studies the feed from several cameras that show him the place at work. He also sends in two mystery diners who will report back to him on their experience. But Fernando doesn’t need to wait for their feedback, as the pair return both of their main courses to the kitchen then leave soon after the replacements arrive, saying that the conservatory is just too cold.

When Fernando tries the food which caused the couple to leave, the most encouraging he can be is to say that it's 'uninspiring', and leaves Ollie and chef Martin for a week to see if they can come up with a unique selling point for the business. He comes back to a plethora of ideas – among them a shark in a tank, a mini-museum and Saxon food – but none that he thinks will work. Then on a trip to a successful cafe in Bristol, Fernando’s jaw hits the table when he asks Ollie to order. He discovers that Ollie is not a huge fan of eggs, doesn’t eat lamb, hates moules, doesn’t know what focaccia or chorizo are, and hates steak.

Fernando’s tongue-in-cheek idea for the restaurant’s new name is The Belligerent Restaurateur. He wants the guys to focus on cooking high-quality ingredients in a simple way. He also offers some ideas to give the place a bit of warmth. Will the boys become a team who support each other? Will their relaunch take off? And if it does, will they cope with a deluge of customers?



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