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Fri 15 Apr: Red Hat Society

You may have noticed some intriguing Red Hats on our sofa lately...

Fri 15 Apr: Red Hat Society

We've been delighted to welcome several different chapters of the British Red Hat Society to our sofa recently.

To be a Red Hatter you must be over 50 years of age. “Over fifty and fabulous” is what the ladies say about themselves. But that does not mean you cannot join the Red Hats if you are under fifty - you may join the Pink Hatters. They are ladies in waiting and the Red Hatters' support group. They dress in lavender or lilac and wear pink hats. They welcome all ladies to do what they do - “Live, Love, Laugh”

The Red Hatters get up to all sorts, all over the UK and you can get involved by visiting the website

Today's ladies were from the Fiery Fascinators Chapter:

There are now over 100 chapters of the Red Hat Society in the UK, so there is probably one in your area.  If not have a go at starting your own, it really is very easy and you will get so much support.