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Thurs 5 May: Helene Panzarino

Our Sofa Surfer Helene is also a fitness, nutrition and Zumba expert!

Thurs 5 May: Helene Panzarino

Today's Sofa Surfer Helene Panzarino is a successful entrepreneur, a fitness dance instructor (Zumba), and a successful amateur athlete and body transformation guide.  She is currently working with a UK celebrity client aiming to launch a fitness and weight loss DVD, was responsible for putting the team together for Josie Gibson’s weight loss programme, and teaches group and one to one classes in London.

This month she is also launching Renaissance Woman, along with Smita Patel, which will introduce a non-diet weight loss programme to the UK, which has been hugely successful in Australia, America and Canada. It will change the way people think about dieting and lifestyle way beyond any fad or prescriptive diet plan.

Having suffered the effects of an thyroid immune disease, Helene lost 8 stone and recovered from hair loss, obesity, lethargy and depression to become a fit, healthy and happy 50 year old, who has inspired many women to regain control of their lives, and rediscover their self esteem and self respect.   Her regime of healthy eating, exercise, positive affirmations, natural remedies and supplements have transformed her body and her life.

Having grown up in a family full of obesity, Helene is acutely aware of its damaging effects on both body and mind, and is passionate about educating and assisting people in their journey to live healthy lives.

Born in the US, of German and Italian heritage, Helene has established, developed and sold businesses in the UK and on the Continent.

As an experienced and accredited business advisor and consultant, specialising in finance, she has been nominated for a Prowess Award by her clients and peers, and is known for her inspirational work with entrepreneurs from the creative sectors, and in particular for her work with entrepreneur who have disabilities.

Her view of life changed dramatically following the death of her beloved father and a series of ‘near misses’ – booked  on  Lockerbie flight, in train station at July7th bombing, bombing attack in Israel – which re-inforced her understanding that she is here for a purpose and this purpose is now clear.

Helene can be contacted on Mob 07770317602 or