Wednesday 13 April

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  • Thu 14 Apr

    Gossip show hosted by Vanessa Feltz.


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Comments (9)

  • Hazel Garbutt

    almost 3 years ago

    Hazel Garbutt

    I think the other lady, Jessica Chivers sounded like she had much more sensible stuff to say about maternity leave but she didn't get a look in.

  • Mel P

    3 years ago

    Mel P

    I certainly don't agree with Katie's choice, and let's not forget it's her opinion and HER CHOICE. I respect her for having such strong opinions. Who the hell is that annoying, affected woman next her her??

  • David Kay

    3 years ago

    David Kay

    I'm glad i'm not Katie's child!!!

  • jenny obrian

    3 years ago

    jenny obrian

    The 2 sofa surfers were much more warm and sensible than that awful women who went back to work in 3 weeks.

  • Mrs D

    3 years ago

    Mrs D

    There is no way I could have returned to work after having both my children. With my first I resigned when I was due maternity leave as I knew I would want to and need to be at home for at least her first year. How can any mother not want to be the one who see's her child take their first step, say their first word, blow their first kiss the list is endless. Yes we struggled when my kids were babies but it was worth it because I got to see those magical moments and spend those precious days with them. I think this Katie should be totally ashamed of herself children need to bond with their parents. If you want a career then don't have children they are not a fashion accessory nor should they be palmed off onto a nanny or relatives just because you want your independence.

  • Mrs H

    3 years ago

    Mrs H

    I totally agree, Katie should not have had children if she has no interest in them or their wellbeing. I appreciate women want to return to work, but if you have no intention of taking care of, loving, or nurturing your child then don't have one! Children need love and care, not money, and any parent who puts a career before her children does not deserve them! She's a disgrace and should be ashamed of herself. And people who don't have kids have no right to comment or pass judgement as they have no clue what having a child is like.

  • Martha

    3 years ago


    I agree with Michelle ,katie is an excuse of a mum .I really do not understand why this people want babies if they don't have time or ant to take care of them. I'm also a full time working single mum ,but that does not mean I would live my child 3 weeks after birth .katie seems so cold ...if her job is that important maybe she should not have children

  • Lady Norwood

    3 years ago

    Lady Norwood

    It's a matter of personal choice so I think it's wrong to criticise, what works for one family, may not necessarily work for another. I actually agree with Katie, many firms cannot afford to pay for extended maternity/ paternity leave, not to mention the burden of the extra workload on colleagues (particularly if the position of the new parent is not covered by a 'temp') - it is your choice to have a baby, not your employer's, nor your colleagues' and they should not have to fund your choices. I was made to feel like a second class citizen at work as I did not have children but still had to cover people on maternity leave with no extra pay or considerations for my needs.

  • Michelle Hall

    3 years ago

    Michelle Hall

    Tell Katie to stop bieng stupid.... Shes being fake.... Mums need time off with their children fullstop. I had 4 months off when my son was born but I wanted more time but couldn't afford it....... Fix up women....