The Vanessa Show

Guests: Mon 21 Mar - Fri 25 Mar

Guests include Jo Wood, Russell Watson and Melinda Messenger.

Guests: Mon 21 Mar - Fri 25 Mar

Monday 21 March

GUEST: Jo Wood

Tuesday 22 March

GUEST: Melinda Messenger

Wednesday 23 March

GUEST: Russell Watson

Thursday 24 March

GUEST: Bianca Gascoigne

Friday 25 March

GUEST: Dane Bowers

Comments (4)

  • malc

    3 years ago


    am a single dad of 2 girls 2 boys oldest girl was saying she wants a baby and she was 5 at the time i was shocked so i bought a ds console with a baby game i just said she cant have 1 till she is 30 she not said it latly only because the game too hard for her

  • Susan De La Haye

    3 years ago

    Susan De La Haye

    Hello Vanessa, I think it is completely wrong to educate children about sex when they are too young. Childhood is precious and we should try to keep that innocence in our children as long as possible. Young girls of 8 and 9 years old walking around looking like happy hookers because they think they are women is terrible and too much information too young is the cause. Regards, Susan De La Haye

  • Mandi

    3 years ago


    Hi, you are talking about which age for a child is best for discussing sexual education>?.....I believe somebody also said that if the children are shown sex ed articles, films, etc that they'll have sex later, childre, etc, well my secondary school ( 1977 ) I was 14......showed sex ed birthing films......8 of my year were pregnant by the age of 15.

  • Jill Fewtrell-Smith

    3 years ago

    Jill Fewtrell-Smith

    Hello Vanessa, Great that you have Russell Watson on your show. Just one question for you to ask him from all Russellers - what's happening with Music of the Night download please. We all love "La Voce" and can't wait for next Sunday's concert at The Lowry. Please can you confirm whether Russell is a guest on Tuesday as I've been told, or Wednesday as your schedule appears to indicate. Thanks. From Jill - Lancashire xx