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Comments (19)

  • campbell

    almost 3 years ago


    Anybody no when the 2nd season starts ?

  • ally

    almost 3 years ago


    walking dead best programme ive watched in ages its absolutely brill cant wait for next week

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  • bigbaddom

    3 years ago


    watched it again on demand and still blown away by how good it is especially with the sound turned up. feel sorry for the zombies but not as sorry as I felt for the horse. Rick is definitely gonna have to up his game now. Does the red eyed zombie on the bus get a bigger part!?! ha ha

  • kathy

    3 years ago


    missed the first 1

  • Another zombie stuck inside the wright stuff studio

    3 years ago

    Another zombie stuck inside the wright stuff studio

    ^^^^^^ AGREED But yeah i might have to search the interweb for FX's season 1 :P I cannot wait a whole 11 and a half hours!

  • ebichu

    3 years ago


    Looks pretty good but I shouldnt' have to watch a 30 second commercial in order to watch a 30 second commercial...

  • tigz

    3 years ago


    it's really good, i watched it on FX... the ending is a little bit of a let down, but the rest is really good. it's really well done. there a re a few slow bits, but mostly it's an amazing show. theres already going to be a second season.

  • Dumpy

    3 years ago


    Hope this doesn't disappoint - looks good in trailers & can't resist zombie/walking dead films but some fall far short of the mark, here's hoping!

  • Ka0s420

    3 years ago


    It's based on a Comic don't you know.

  • Laura

    3 years ago


    I watched it on FX ages ago. Its amazing! I advise you to check it out! 5/5 from me, I can't wait for the 2ns season!!!

  • Lee

    3 years ago


    really looking forward to watching this, looks really good

  • Socc3rboy

    3 years ago


    looks amazing :) but apparently it drags on a bit....oh well it still looks amazing!

  • Darren

    3 years ago


    i see it on fx brilllent how i can watch it on five yes

  • Vicky

    3 years ago


    Whens season 2 starting?????

  • Leechy

    3 years ago


    looks good looking forwaRD to it :)

  • jAMESH

    3 years ago


    looks scary but doooooooooos

  • Adam

    3 years ago


    yea looks good

  • James

    3 years ago


    Looks amazing. Looking forward to watching :D