The Walking Dead

Did episode 2 leave you seeing red?

Carl's life is hanging in the balance, will he live to fight the walkers another day?

The Walking Dead

The search for Sophia is on the back burner now as Rick desperately tried to get help for Carl, who was shot by a hunter in the woods after straying too close to a buck deer.

Otis, the rifle wielding hunter, directs Rick and Shane to the home of Hershel Green, a veterinarian who immediately gets to work trying to remove the bullet fragments from Carl’s abdomen.

The bad news is that Hershel doesn’t have all the necessary tools to help Carl, he needs blood from Rick and medical supplies from a FEMA aid station that was set up at a local high school, which he sends Shane and a remorse stricken Otis to get.

Will Shane and Otis be able to outrun the herd of walkers that surrounds the high school and get the medical supplies to Carl in time?

Meanwhile, back at the RV, T-Dog’s arm is showing signs of infection, but there isn’t a single antibiotic or painkiller to be found in any of the cars in the pile up that has trapped the RV. Thankfully Daryl has enough medication to open a small pharmacy stashed in one of the panniers on his brother’s bike.

But will T-Dog pull through? And why has Daryl kept his medical stash under wraps for so long?

The survivors may be no closer to Fort Benning, but do you think they can still make it?

What are your thoughts on Episode 2?

Will Otis and Shane come through for Carl?

Was Daryl secretly hoarding medicine?

Is this what ER would have been like if it was set during a zombie apocalypse?