The Walking Dead

Did Episode 4 leave you wanting more?

The group set up camp at the Greene's, but how long will they be allowed, or even able, to stay?


The survivors have set up camp at Hershel’s house, but for how long we don’t know, as Hershel makes it clear to Rick that as soon as Carl is well enough and Sophia is found, they’ll need to move on.

Rick begs Hershel to reconsider, for the sake of Carl. Hershel agrees to think about whether or not the group can stay, but only as long as they, ‘follow the rules.’ Is there something Hershel is trying to hide from the group?

Shortly after setting up camp Dale and T-Dog go off to retrieve some water from a nearby well, only to discover that there’s a walker trapped down there. Worried that the walker will contaminate the water Glenn is lowered down into the well to try and lure the walker out. Glenn manages to snare the walker and the group begin to pull it out of the well.

However, when the walker becomes stuck on the lip of the well, the group pulls a bit too hard and splits it in half. The walker’s legs and organs fall back down into the well, thoroughly contaminating the water. How did the walker end up down there in the first place? Are there walkers roaming the Greene’s land?

Glenn’s adventure doesn’t end there though; he goes to a local pharmacy with Maggie, where he’s been asked by Lori to discretely retrieve a pregnancy test. After a bit of a misunderstanding while searching for the pregnancy test, Maggie ends up propositioning Glenn, who seemingly can’t believe his luck. Is Maggie really just lonely? Or does she have an ulterior motive?

Meanwhile Daryl goes off in search of Sophia on his own, he has no luck finding her but does find a Cherokee Rose, a Native American flower that symbolises the tears of grieving mothers that were being forced off their land. Is this a sign that Sophia isn’t coming back?

Oh, and that pregnancy test Lori asked Glenn to get. It was positive.

Our survivors went through a lot this week, but there are still a few questions that need answering:

  • Has time run out for Sophia?
  • How did a walker end up down one of the Greene’s wells?
  • Is there a zombie version of Lassie or Skippy wandering around, warning other walkers that there’s someone trapped down the well at the ol’ Greene place?
  • Is Shane the father of Lori's baby?

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