The Walking Dead

Let's discuss episode 1

We lament the death of Rick's trusty steed and discuss those dramatic zombie kills. Join the chat.

The Walking Dead

That was a tense, event-crammed 90 minutes of television right there. It's fair to say that Rick had his fair share of choice encounters with the 'walkers' in this episode including a stand off with a zombie child, and a creepy peep-hole stare-off with Morgan's undead wife, all before a full on 'walker' assault on the streets of Atlanta. Which of Rick's zombie encounters was your favourite in this ep?

The 'walkers' claimed their first victim in this episode, but it wasn't a human one. Instead it was Rick's poor horse that became the first casualty -  he didn't stand a chance really the poor thing.

Questions for episode 2 - will we see Morgan and his son Duane return and if they do return, will they return as 'walkers'? What will Rick do when he finds out his wife is now eloping with his best friend and can the zombie kills get any more gruesome?

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