The Walking Dead

Episode 10: Would Randall survive on his own?

Rick and Shane take Randall to a nearby town, but abandoning him isn't as easy as they thought.


With Randall’s leg healed, Rick and Shane drive 18 miles away from the farm to look for a place to abandon him.

On the way to drop Randall off, Rick confronts Shane about Otis’ death. Shane comes clean and says that Rick doesn’t know how to make hard decisions. Rick flatly tells Shane that he would do anything to protect his family. Would have Rick have killed Otis if he was in that position?

Once they find a town, Randall is given a knife and left to fend for himself. He begs Rick and Shane to let him stay and inadvertently confesses that he went to school with Maggie, so knows the location of the farm. Is Randall telling the truth, or is it a clever bluff?

Shane and Rick argue about whether or not to kill him, leading to an incredibly macho fight amongst fire engines and motorcycles. The fight attracts the attention of the walkers and suddenly the three of them have to work together to battle their way out. Should Rick and Shane have killed Randall? Would Randall have survived on his own?

Back at the farm, it becomes apparent that the, now conscious, Beth is suicidal, claiming there’s no point to living in a world full of walkers. Lori and Maggie do their best to stop her from doing anything stupid, but during Andrea’s watch Beth locks herself in the bathroom and cuts her wrist with a broken piece of glass. Luckily Maggie breaks the door down and Hershel is able to treat the wounds before it’s too late. Would Beth have really gone through with it if Maggie wasn’t there?

Beth may be out of trouble, but Rick, Shane and Randall still need to escape the walker. The 3 of them manage to work together to flee the herd in the car they arrived in, but once they’re safe Randall, despite his heroics, is tied up, blindfolded and placed back in the boot.

As they drive back to the farm, Rick makes it clear to Shane that it’s time he started actually following orders if he wants to stay a part of the group. Will Shane be able to follow Rick’s orders?

The life and death scenarios in this week’s episode may have ended without tragedy, but we still have some questions:

  • Did Randall really go to school with Maggie?
  • Will Beth try to kill herself again?
  • Was Rick and Shane’s brawl the most manly thing that has ever been on television?
  • Who would win in a fight between Rick and Shane?

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