The Walking Dead

Episode 11: Is killing a person as easy as killing a walker?

It's time to decide what to do with Randall.


The survivors face a moral dilemma this week: what do they do with Randall?

Daryl tortures Randall and is told some horrific stories about the group he came from, heavily armed savages who are doing whatever they can (and want) to survive, but professes that he isn’t like them. Is Randall really unlike the rest of his group? Or is he just trying to deceive Daryl?

Rick and Shane both agree that the only solution is to kill Randall, much to Dale’s horror. Dale sets about trying to convince the group to let Randall live, but Andrea is the only one who seems to agree that letting Randall live is the right thing to do. Is killing Randall the right decision?

Carl, meanwhile, finds a gun hidden in the panniers of Daryl’s bike and takes it into the woods. He stumbles across a walker that is stuck in the mud and takes aim, but the walker manages to free itself and smack the gun out of Carl’s hand, at which point he flees, arriving at the farm just in time to discover that Rick is on his way to kill Randall. Should Carl have raised the alarm about the walker?

Rick, Shane and Daryl take Randall to the barn, blindfold him and put him against the wall. Rick draws his gun and holds it up to Randall, but realises Carl is watching. Shane takes Carl out of the barn, but Rick decides to postpone Randall’s execution. Will Rick regret keeping Randall alive?

Disgusted by the group’s lack of respect for Randall’s life, Dale takes a walk through the fields, where he encounters a dying cow. Realising that the cow has been gutted, Dale turns to run, but is attacked by a walker. Dale’s screams are heard by the group, who immediately run to his aid, killing the walker, but Dale’s abdomen has been ripped open. Hershel tells Rick that there’s nothing he can do, Dale won’t survive.

Carl arrives at the scene and is devastated to see that the walker that has mortally wounded Dale was the one he failed to kill earlier. He clings tight to Lori as Rick aims his gun towards Dale’s head, but once again hesitates; causing Daryl to step forward and end his friend’s suffering.

We know how the group felt about whether or not Randall should be executed, but there are other questions that remain unanswered:

  • Will Randall be spared out of respect for Dale?
  • Will Carl end up getting himself killed?
  • Apart from Stuck in the Mud, what other schoolyard games do walkers enjoy?
  • Will the group fall apart without Dale’s moral guidance?

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