The Walking Dead

Episode 12: In memory of Dale

What impact will Dale's death have on the group?


Dale’s death has had a massive impact on the group and the rifts that were starting to form have been smoothed over, for now at least.

Hershel decides to let everyone move into the house and Rick decides to spare Randall’s life, going back to the original plan of driving him a long way from the farm and leaving him to fend for himself.

Shane obviously doesn’t agree with keeping Randall alive and so sneaks into the barn without attracting the attention of the rest of the group. He marches Randall into the woods, under the pretense of setting him free and asks if Randall knows where his group is, and whether Shane can join them. Would Shane ever really abandon Lori and Carl?

Randall admits that he may know where the group he was travelling with are and begins to lead Shane through the woods.

As they walk through the empty woods, Shane breaks Randall’s neck and begins to head back to the farm. Seeing that the group have discovered Randall is missing, Shane concocts a story about Randall escaping and stealing his gun, so Rick, Shane, Daryl and Glenn head into the woods to track him down.

Daryl and Glenn find Randall’s trail and discover he wasn’t alone, but before they can examine the tracks any further they are attacked by a walker. Glenn kills the walker and they are both shocked to discover that it is Randall, who shows no sign of being bitten. But, if Randall wasn’t bitten, how did he become a walker?

Meanwhile, Shane leads Rick into a clearing a long way from the farm. Rick realises what Shane is planning and confronts him about the fact that he’s planning to murder him. After a tense stand-off, Rick convinces Shane to put down his gun, and then stabs him through the heart. Did Rick have any other choice?

Rick, covered in Shane’s blood, begins to scream with grief, cursing Shane for forcing him to kill him. At that moment, Carl arrives and takes aim. Rick, thinking Carl will shoot him for what he did to Shane, tells Carl it’s not what he thinks, but Carl pulls the trigger, killing the walker Shane turned into. Like Randall, we know that Shane was never bitten, so how come he too turned into a walker?

Rick and Carl stand over Shane’s body, as a massive horde of walkers, who heard Carl’s gunshot, begin to make their way towards them...

Rick may have ended up winning his war with Shane, but there are still some things we don’t know the ending to:

  • How were Randall and Shane able to turn into walkers without being bitten?
  • How will the group react to Shane’s death?
  • How is it possible that Rick’s hat fits Carl’s head so well, does Rick have the tiny head of a child?
  • What will the season 2 finale have in store for our remaining survivors?

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