The Walking Dead

Episode 13: Who will survive the season finale?

It's the last episode of the season, and our survivors are running for their lives!

The Walking Dead

It’s the last episode of The Walking Dead, season 2, and Rick and Carl don’t have much time to rest after the death of Shane, as they’re descended upon by a massive herd of walkers. They decide to make a break for it and flee back to the farm.

Daryl and Glenn have already made it back to the farm and inform the others about Randall’s return from the dead, as well as the curious fact that they found no signs of a bite. Lori begins to worry about Shane and Rick, so begs Daryl to go back out and find them, but before he can, the herd break through the tree line and attack the farm.

The group flee the farm, taking as many weapons and vehicles as they can, but Jimmy and Patricia are killed by walkers and Andrea is missing, presumed dead. The group all decide to head to the highway, where they left supplies for Sophia, knowing that the others are likely to have headed there too. Is the group stronger as a whole, or should they take the chance to go their separate ways?

Andrea, having escaped the farm, is attacked by walkers in the woods and, just as all looks lost, she is rescued by a hooded figure carrying a large sword and keeping two armless walkers on leashes. Who is this hooded figure? And why do they have walkers on leashes?

Finally reunited, the group decides to leave Andrea behind and go off in search of shelter, but they’re quickly running out of fuel and decide to make camp for the night instead.

While discussing the fates of Randall and Shane, Rick is forced to confess what Jenner had whispered to him back in the CDC, that the group is all infected with the virus and every one of them will become a walker when they die, regardless of whether they get bitten or not. Rick then has to admit that it was him that killed Shane, and that he did it in order to protect the group. Will the group see Shane’s death as a good thing?

Armed with this knowledge, the survivors begin to turn on Rick, claiming that he’s not fit to lead them, but Rick calls their bluff, he tells the group that anyone who wants to walk away is welcome to do so, if they think they can survive. No one takes him up on the offer and Rick tells them that, from now on, they take their orders from him, it isn’t a democracy anymore. Is Rick fit enough to lead the group, or does he need Shane to challenge him so he knows what decision to make?

In the final shot, the camera cranes back and we see a prison in the distance. Will our Sheriff have to act as a warden for the group in the next series?

The second season of The Walking Dead may be over, but we still have a few questions for when it returns:

  • Can the group trust Rick anymore?
  • Who is the hooded figure?
  • Why did Hershel make his fences from foam instead of wood?
  • Is this hooded figure some sort of ‘walker whisperer?’
  • What does next season hold in store for our survivors?

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