The Walking Dead

Episode 7: Can peace exist between man and walker?

The group find out the secret of the barn. But how will they react?

Episode 7: Can peace exist between man and walker?

At the start of this week’s episode, Glenn chooses to tell the group about the barn, which goes about as well as you might expect. Thankfully Dale had the sense to make off with the group’s guns. No guns would mean no walkers in the barn would come to any harm and Hershel would have no reason to kick the group off his farm.

Unfortunately for Dale, Shane realises that both he and the guns are missing, so makes an attempt to track him down. Shane manages to find Dale deep in the swampland that surrounds the farm and forces him to relinquish the group’s weapons, which he does, begrudgingly. Should Dale kill Shane when he has the chance?

While Shane was searching for Dale, Rick, who had attempted to convince Hershel to let the group stay on his land, is recruited by Hershel to help him transport two walkers, who have become stuck in the swamp, to the barn.

Rick agrees to help Hershel and agrees not to let the walkers in the barn come to any harm if he and the rest of the survivors are allowed to stay. Will the truce last?

As Rick and Hershel take the walkers to the farm, Shane hands out the guns to Daryl, Andrea, Glenn and T-Dog, as well as attempting to give one to Carl.

Hershel and Rick emerge from the tree line with their walkers in tow and are immediately spotted by the, now armed, group. Shane charges toward them in a rage, demanding to know why, if the walkers are sick and not dead, can they survive being repeatedly shot in the chest.

In his rage Shane breaks open the barn door, allowing the walkers to escape, but the group form a line in front of the barn and gun each one of them down without mercy. Does Shane overreact? Was the barn as the Greene’s maintained?

…Until Sophia steps out. The girl they have been searching for this whole time is now a walker. The sight of Sophia causes despair amongst the group and it’s left to Rick to put her out of her misery. How long was she in the barn? And did Hershel know?

This certainly is an exciting episode, but a few questions are still troubling us:

What will the group do now they have ‘found’ Sophia?

  • Did Hershel know Sophia was in the barn?
  • By killing all the walkers, does Shane inadvertently increase the resale price of the farm?
  • How will Hershel react to his family and friends being gunned down so mercilessly?
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