The Walking Dead

Episode 8: A walker walks into a bar...

The incident at the barn is enough to drive Hershel to drink.

Episode 8: A walker walks into a bar...

After the discovery that Sophia was in the barn all along and the subsequent execution of all the walkers the Greene family had held captive, Hershel demands that the entire group get off his land (as they have more than outstayed their welcome) then goes missing.

Rick and Glenn surmise that they will find Hershel in his former local bar and go off in search of him.

As Rick and Glenn search, Dale confronts Shane about why he was so trigger happy at the barn and once again infers that he suspects Shane killed Otis during their bungled run for medical supplies. Following this confrontation, Dale goes to both Andrea and Lori to voice his concerns over how dangerous Shane is. Will Shane prove Dale right? Or will Andrea and Lori heed Dale’s warnings about him?

Rick and Glenn find Hershel in the bar, drowning his sorrows after decades of sobriety, finally coming to the realisation that there is no cure and no hope. Rick and Glenn manage to talk Hershel down, convincing him to return home, but two strangers enter the bar, seeking refuge at Hershel’s farm. Who are these men? And where is the rest of their group?

The men explain that wherever they have travelled, rumours of safe havens have proven to be false; including the place the group were originally going to seek refuge, Fort Benning. When Rick denies them shelter, one of them draws his gun, but Rick is quicker on the draw and kills both men. If Fort Benning really is overrun with walkers, is there any hope left?

While Hershel is at the bar, Beth suddenly falls unconscious and with Glenn and Rick having already left to find Hershel, Lori takes a car and tries to track them down herself, but along the way she hits a walker and we’re left to wonder her fate. Does Lori survive the crash? And will the baby be okay?

Even though we now know what became of Sophia, a load of new questions were raised in this episode:

  • Who were the two men that came into the bar?
  • Is Fort Benning just another dead end?
  • Do drink driving laws still apply after the end of the world?
  • Did Lori survive the crash?

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