The Walking Dead

Episode 9: Nobody puts Ricky in the corner!

Rick, Glenn, Hershel and Lori all find themselves trapped, will they make it back to the farm?

Episode 9: Nobody puts Ricky in the corner!

This week’s episode has a very claustrophobic feel to it, with Rick, Glenn, Hershel and Lori all being trapped between a rock and a hard place.

Having dispensed with Dave and Tony, the two men who entered the bar seeking refuge, Rick, Glenn and Hershel prepare to head back to the farm. However, three other men show up, trying to find their missing friends. Now knowing that there are at least five members of Dave and Tony’s group, we’re left to wonder, how many more are there?

Rick tells the men that Dave and Tony are dead, which leads to a gunfight. Rick, Hershel and Glenn are trapped in the bar, surrounded by the gunmen, and have to battle their way out. In a moment of weakness, Glenn freezes, leaving Hershel to kill one of the men. The other two make a break for it, trying to get back to their truck, but one, Randall, slips, impales his leg on a fence and is left for dead.

As the walkers approach, Rick, Glenn and Hershel debate what to do with Randall and Hershel attempts to amputate his leg, but runs out of time and retreats. Rick pulls Randall’s leg off the fence and bundles him into their car. Will Randall survive? And will his survival be bad for the group?

Meanwhile, Lori regains consciousness in an upturned car that a walker is trying to gain access too. She manages to impale the walker and escape, but is attacked by a second walker that she also kills.

When it’s discovered that Lori is missing, Shane tracks her down and tells her that Rick has returned as a means of getting her back to the farm. He later says that he only lied to her because he loved her. Does Shane really love Lori?

When Rick, Hershel and Glenn finally return with an injured Randall and announce they plan to treat him then release him. Shane dissents and is put in his place by an aggravated Hershel. Lori later confesses to Rick that she too is starting to think that Shane is dangerous. Is Shane dangerous? Or is he just what the group need to survive?

Rick, Hershel, Glenn and Lori may have escaped their predicaments, but there are still some questions that remain:

  • Who is Randall? And was it right of Rick to help him?
  • Is Shane a hero or a villain?
  • How has Lori’s car crash affected her no claims bonus?
  • Will the rest of Randall’s group come looking for him?

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