The Walking Dead

Hope that Sophia might be alright?

Daryl makes a discovery in the woods, but things go downhill pretty quickly after that.


Daryl really didn’t have the best of luck this week, did he?

First off, whilst searching for Sophia, the horse he was riding got spooked by a snake, throwing him off. When he landed, he found himself impaled on his last arrow and quickly sliding down a hillside into a pool of water.

After waking up, Daryl found his brother standing over him, taunting him about being Rick’s errand boy. Thankfully Daryl snapped out of his hallucination just in time, as a walker was sizing up his foot for a snack. Daryl dispatched the walker, and then killed a second by ripping the arrow from his back and firing it straight into the walker’s head. But why has he suddenly started seeing his brother? And why is his hallucination trying to turn him against the others?

Covered in blood and limping heavily, Daryl managed to make it back to the farm, just in time to be shot in the head by a trigger happy Andrea, who mistook him for a walker. Why did Andrea fire on a target she couldn’t identify as a walker, especially when Rick, T-Dog and Shane stopped in their tracks after identifying it was Daryl?

Thankfully Andrea only grazed Daryl, so he’ll live to hunt another day. Daryl was also able to return with Sophia’s doll, which he found before his fall. Does this mean that Sophia is still alive?

After all the excitement of Daryl’s return and the discovery of Sophia’s doll, Glenn leaves Maggie a note telling her to meet him in the barn. Maggie runs after Glenn, trying to stop him from getting into the barn, but it’s too late. Glenn has discovered the Greene family’s secret. They’re keeping walkers in the barn. Why are the Greene’s keeping all these walkers in the barn? And what are they going to do with them?

Daryl may have been through a lot this week, but he’s only managed to raise more questions than the discovery of Sophia’s doll answered:

  • Is Sophia still alive?
  • What’s with the barn full of walkers?
  • Does Daryl now deserve an episode about how he spent a day having a nice sit down and a cup of tea?