The Walking Dead

So what did you think of episode 4?

For us this episode can be summed up in just three letters - O...M...G!

The Walking Dead

Have you caught your breath back yet from that unbelievable twist  at the end of the episode? Yep many of us were waiting the arrival of Merle back to camp after the survivors had discovered their truck had been stolen in Atlanta, but few of us could have predicted that the walkers would shuffle into camp to claim their first human victims. We think it's only fitting to dedicate a blog paragraph to our two dearly departed.

ED - well he wasn't a great guy was he? Rest in peace buddy.

AMY - NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Amy! Why? Why her? She was so young, so pretty, so innocent and she died a day before her birthday. We're going to miss your boat rides in the camp's lake and umm...your winning smile.

Right now we've mourned the victims, we can talk about the rest of the episode. Did we see a teensy bit of compassion from crossbow-crazy Daryl in this episode? He seemed to show genuine concern when Glenn was abducted by the gang. The other big question from this episode as we touched upon earlier - where is Merle?

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