The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is back, what are your thoughts?

It may be a new season, but our survivors are still facing the same ol' problems.

The Walking Dead is back, what are your thoughts?

With the new season returning tonight it still seems as if nothing ever seems to go smoothly for our unlucky band of survivors. After escaping the CDC and setting off for Fort Benning, 120 miles away, they get stuck behind a pile up of mangled cars on the highway, but the RV blows a radiator hose AND a herd of walkers suddenly appear.

Sophia was the one we were all worried about though, after the stragglers at the back of the herd chased her into the woods and then just plain vanished into thin air! Where has she gone and, more importantly, will Rick and Shane be able to find her?

Finding Sophia isn’t likely to be high on Rick and Shane’s list of priorities anyway, not after that gunshot that passed straight through a deer and hit Carl in the abdomen. Will Carl be able to pull through? And who was it that fired that shot?

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that both kids can live to battle the walkers another day, otherwise who knows what might happen to the dwindling faith the group has in being able to make it to Fort Benning, let alone any hope of surviving the apocalypse.

One thing’s for sure, it’s been a mouth-watering opening to the series. What are your thoughts on episode 1?

Will Carl and Sophia be okay?

Is Shane really going to ditch the group and go off on his own?

Should a child ever be that close to a Buck Deer?

Leave your thoughts about this episode, and where you think Series 2 is going to take us, below: