The Walking Dead

Time to discuss episode 2

Fear, sewers, dropped keys and guts. Let's chat episode 2.

The Walking Dead: Season 1 Episode 2

So aided by fellow survivor Glenn, Rick managed to escape the sticky predicament he found himself in at the end of the last episode. Unfortunately as a result he compromised the hideout location of a group of other fellow survivors, resulting in the 'walkers' flocking over to their location.

Let's chat about the other survivors. We've got gutsy Glenn who put his life at risk for Rick,  the unhinged Merle Dixon who caused the group no end of trouble in this episode and headstrong Andrea, who doesn't  seem to take fools lightly. What do you think of the characters so far and who do you think will be killed first?

Glenn and Rick's stroll through a walker infested street, covered in guts was a buttock-clenching moment and things got even more tense when rain started to fall, but things didn't look at the end of the episode for Merle did they?

Questions for episode 3 - what will happen when Rick reunites with his wife and son at the survivors camp, how will Shane react upon Rick's return and what's next for the group of survivors?

Share your thoughts about all of these questions and your thoughts about the episode below: