The Walking Dead

What did you think about episode 6?

So Season 1 ended with a bang...literally! Come and share your thoughts with us on the season finale.

The Walking Dead

Dr Jenner ominiouslty said at the end of last episode: "Once those doors are closed, they won't be opening again." But our survivors didn't listen and they almost paid the ultimate price in this episode. character did. Two episodes ago, Amy bit the bullet, last week it was Jim left to die by the roadside and this week Jacqui decided she had enough of running, so decided to remain in the facility until the self-destruct timer reached the fateful 00:00:00 mark. Our survivor numbers are diminishing by the episode!

But one question remains - what did Dr. Jenner whisper to Rick just before he escaped the CDC facility. Well we reckon - and this is pure speculation - that maybe he saw Shane's sexual attack on Lori on one of the CCTV cameras in the facility. Do you think Rick now knows everything about his wife's affair or did Dr. Jenner tell Rick something else entirely?

More questions for Season 2:

When will we see the return of Merle?
Will we see the return of Morgan and his son Duane from episode 1?

Did Morgan kill his 'walker' wife?
Where will the survivors head to next?

Season 2 cannot come soon enough and we'll have it on Channel 5 for you in 2012 - thanks for watching Season 1 with us! So please, for one final time this year, share your thoughts on this incredible episode and on Season 1 in general by leaving your comments below: