The Walking Dead

What questions did Episode 3 leave you asking?

Shane has returned with the medical supplies, but how did he manage to escape from the high school?

What questions did Episode 3 leave you asking?

It’s crunch time for Carl as Shane returns from the walker infested high school with all the tools and medicines Hershel will need to perform the life-saving surgery.

Shane’s seemingly miraculous return was marred somewhat by the fact that he returned alone, saying that Otis had sacrificed himself in order to allow Shane to make it back to the house with the supplies. In reality Shane used his last bullet to incapacitate Otis, allowing him to escape as the walkers descend on Otis.

If you were in that position, would you do the same thing? And do you think Shane’s choice to save himself like that will come back to haunt him?

The other moral question raised in this week’s episode was whether or not Lori and Rick should let Carl die, which would put an end to his having to suffer through a world overrun with walkers. Lori can’t help but ask herself if it may indeed be better for her son to die, but Rick can’t accept that, he’s holding on to the belief that they can all make it through this, together.

Thankfully, when it came time for Lori to make the call about whether or not Hershel should operate, Lori agreed that Carl should live and try to fight on. Do you think they made the right choice?

This week’s episode asked some big questions:

Would you throw someone else in the path of a herd of walkers to escape?

Is Carl better off dead or alive?

Did Shane miss the chance to give himself an awesome, post-apocalyptic Mohawk?

Will they manage to find Sophia? After all, searching for her is what brought all of this about in the first place.

Leave your thoughts and comments about Episode 3 below:

Comments (8)

  • Natasha

    almost 2 years ago


    What Shane did was murderous, cruel and cowardly - he was thinking only of himself not matter how he tried to justify it later. If Shane had not hurt his ankle, they both would have made it - and I reckon despite being overweight Otis could have run on and left Shane, but he didn't! And then to shoot him in the leg instead of the brain! Otis was fresh meat - they would have eaten him regardless! In other news - really liking Daryl too, hoping he stays that way

  • Louis

    almost 2 years ago


    If anyone remembers, Shane still loves Lori. After Rick woke from his coma, Shane secretly hated the fact that Rick is alive and wanted Lori and Carl for himself. That's why he nearly shot Rick before Dale showed up in Episode 5 of Series 1. He shot Otis because of that same thought that has been raging through his head since Rick came back. When it comes to Carl, however, I think he is better off alive. Rick wants to prove to Lori that he can grow up strong and fighting for not just his own family, but the 'family' around them. He has been through hell when he is still a child and has not given up on himself yet. He stood his ground and carried on living. Letting him die could make things easier, yes. But, I think that letting him die without really hearing Carl's choice, despite his condition, is a cowardly recondition of sacrifice. Sofia, on the other hand, I will leave that to whoever has not read the comics or watched the series from FX to decide.

  • Lara Curwen

    almost 2 years ago

    Lara Curwen

    I completely understand why Shane had to i) ensure his own survival (which is, I think, human instinct) - and ii) make sure that someone got the medical supplies back to camp so Carl could be saved, but I do think shooting Otis in the leg was pretty cruel and unnecessary. It served only to prolong his agony. Why couldn't Shane have shot him in the head or the heart - it would have been a bit more humane. Was it simply that - that way - he could at least tell himself he wasn't directly responsible for killing a man?

  • james

    almost 2 years ago


    maybe otis will turn up as a walker. Shane did absolutly the right thing, if he hadn't taken this action all 3 would be dead. the search for sophia brought them to where they are now, which is the fist safe place they've been in a while. They need to stop just surviving, and start re building a civilisation, humans have existed for 30,000 years with out shops, electricity, etc

  • Jade

    almost 2 years ago


    Most people are saying there shocking at what Shane did but personalty I am more shocked that Otis didn't give him self up, he seemed like that kind of guy. I wouldn't normally throw someone in the path of walkers but for the life of Carl maybe... I think Carl is better off alive because like his dad said he talked about the deer! I would of talked about the fact that's hes been shot... But I'm loving the new Daryl!! Will they manage to find Sophia?

  • Daisy

    almost 2 years ago


    I think Shane definitely did the wrong thing, he is clearly going through some kind of mental torment but he could have definitely saved Otis and himself. Something has definitely changed in Shane, before I would have said that Shane would sacrifice himself to get Otis back and save Carl but something had taken over Shane. I think there this will creep up to haunt him and I can guarantee this new cannibalistic behavior from Shane will get him into trouble.

  • Shakok

    almost 2 years ago


    Can't believe what Shane did to poor Otis, he may have shot Carl by accident but he didn't deserved to be a supper for the zombies. Besides he did saved Shane when they got separated and he was surrounded by zombies. I don't think he will live with what he did and the guilt will eventually consume him later in the series. Hope they will find Sophie soon so they can move on...

  • Paul

    almost 2 years ago


    Loved this episode - have to go with Shane on this one, if it was a choice of both becoming a walker supper or one making it back, after all Ottis did make a big hearty meal! favourite scene of part 3 for me had to be the hanging camper with his legs chewed off - Daryl is going up in my expectations, didnt like him early on but is turning into a pretty cool character, hope he survives through the series.