The Walking Dead

What was your favourite secret from episode 6?

Everyone's secrets are starting to get exposed, will they tear the group apart?

What was your favourite secret from episode 6?

A good secret is hard to keep, and this week nearly everyone discovered just how true that is.

Glenn is the first to let slip; telling Dale about the walkers he saw in the barn and the fact that Lori is pregnant. This leads to Dale confronting Hershel about the barn where he discovers that the walkers locked in the barn are the Greene’s family and friends, whom they are hoping to cure. Can the walkers be cured? And is the barn strong enough to hold them?

Lori asks Glenn to go back to the pharmacy to get her the morning after pill, which he does, accompanied by an annoyed Maggie. After arguing about whether or not it is right to kill a walker as there is still a possibility that they could be returned to a human state, Maggie is attacked. A walker grabs onto her arm and attempts to bite her; thankfully Glenn is quick enough take the walker down and delivers a few swift blows to the head with his machete.

When Maggie and Glenn return to the camp, Maggie throws the pills at Lori, chastising her for nearly getting her and Glenn killed. Glenn then gives Lori some pre-natal vitamins so that she can choose whether or not to keep the baby.

Lori takes the pills, but forces herself to vomit them back up. Rick then finds the empty box and confronts Lori, who comes clean about being pregnant and her affair with Shane when she thought Rick was dead. Does this mean that Lori is keeping the baby?

Meanwhile, Shane takes his star shooting pupil, Andrea, to look for Sophia in a nearby town. While searching a house they are surrounded by walkers, but are able to shoot their way out. On the way back to the farm Andrea, on a massive high after killing so many walkers, makes a move on Shane and things get a bit hot and heavy. Is Andrea making the right choice by getting involved with Shane?

Once back at the farm however, Dale asks Shane if he still plans to leave, telling him it might be best for the group as he never did explain exactly what happened to Otis. Does Dale know that Shane killed Otis to save himself?

Secrets were slipping left, right and centre in this episode, but a few things were left unanswered:

  • Is Lori keeping the baby?
  • Was Andrea right to sleep with Shane?
  • Can walkers get colds or hayfever? Because that would explain what a walker was doing in the pharmacy
  • Can the walkers be cured?

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