Season 2 - Episode 10: 18 Miles Out

Episode 10: 18 Miles Out

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Randall, the teenage would-be assassin who was saved by Rick from a group of walkers has fully recovered from the leg wound he received. But the group have decided that the best way to deal with him is to drive him away from the farm then dump him and leave him to his own devices.

Rick and Shane agree to take him off the farm. On the journey their talk turns to the issues between them. Rick questions Shane about what really happened to Otis and about his attraction to Lori.

18 miles away from the Hershel's farm they find a town which they think will be a suitable place to drop Randall. The boy pleads for his life before saying that he knows Hershel’s daughter Maggie, claiming they went to school together, and he knows the farm. As Randall's already tried to kill members of their group before, Shane is keen to get rid of him permanently. But Rick doesn't agree...

Back at the farm, Lori, Maggie and Andrea are nursing a now conscious Beth. However, Beth is in a very fragile mental state and Andrea is not feeling overly sympathetic. Will this state of affairs cause further division within the already fragmented group?



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