Season 2 - Episode 12: Better Angels


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Following the shock death of Dale, the group holds a memorial service. But the power struggle between Shane and Rick continues. Shane doubts Rick's decision to release the group's prisoner, Randall, are just the latest manifestation of the their rivalry and Shane’s desire to be both leader and Lori’s man.

Carl tries to come to terms with Dale's death, confessing to both Shane and his father that he feels responsible. Carl hands over the gun he stole from Daryl, but Rick returns it to Carl, explaining that he needs it in these dark and dangerous times. Rick and Shane may see eye to eye on arming Carl, but otherwise the former best friends are totally at odds.

Meanwhile Shane has a plan for Randall and frees him. When the rest of the group are alerted, Rick, Shane, Daryl and Glenn Rick and Shane head off to search the woods. Rick and Shane hunt together but will their rivalry come to a head and put them all in danger?

And a shocking and unexpected revelation about the very nature of the undead plague changes everything...



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