Season 2 - Episode 4: Cherokee Rose

Episode 4: Cherokee Rose

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Carl recovers from his operation to remove fragments of a bullet from his body and asks about the still missing Sophia.

Meanwhile Dale, Daryl, Andrea and Carol move the vehicles and set up camp at the farm, where they are introduced to the Greene group. There, they hold a funeral service for Otis. Shane is asked to share Otis’s final moments. Will Shane continue with his lie that Otis had sacrificed his life to save Carl?

The group organise a search for Sophia. Since Shane is still injured and Rick is too weak from donating blood to his son, Daryl ventures out into the woods on his own. He eventually finds an abandoned house which has evidence that a child has been hiding in it, possibly Sophia.

Maggie and Glenn venture to the local pharmacy to find more medical supplies. Before he leaves, Lori asks Glenn to search for something for her: a pregnancy test...



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