Series 3 - Episode 1: Seed

The Walking Dead

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It has been a long winter for the group, who have scoured the area looting what they can while using as little of their precious ammo as possible. Unable to establish a base, they have been moving regularly to stay out of trouble but are now exhausted, plus Lori's pregnancy is advancing and the world growing increasingly more dangerous.

T-Dog proposes getting water from a nearby creek, giving Rick and Daryl the chance to go on a hunting trip, during which they find a prison. A potential safe haven? Assembling everyone, they cut through the wire fence. While some distract the zombie inmates, others pick off the walkers from the guards' towers.

Soon all the walkers in the yard are finished. Carol sees this as a safe place for the group to build up
their energy and for Lori to give birth. Having spent a night in the prison compound, the following day the gang head into the prison's main block, encountering more walkers. The closer they get to the prison's core, the better defended the walkers are. Finding a cupboard full of riot gear, the guys arm themselves to tackle a final phalanx of the undead but at what cost to the group?

Meanwhile Andrea who was left for dead by the group is still being cared for by her sword-wielding
saviour. The swordswoman is Michonne...



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