Season 3 - Episode 12: Clear

Rick and Carl

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Rick returns to his home town in search of weapon and he finds an old friend.

Rick, Carl and Michonne drive to Rick's home town, back to the police station that was once Rick's base, for weapons that could help them in their imminent battle with The Governor. But their progress is spotted by a heavily armoured shooter who takes aim from the roof. Rick has his life saved by his young son, Carl, who injures the marksman. Removing the man's armour, Rick identifies his old friend Morgan.

As Michonne and Carl go in search of a baby shop, hoping to find a cot for Judith, Rick is left alone with Morgan. Morgan begs Rick to end his life and the two get talking about how they were split up when the walkers first appeared. Morgan reveals that he did not have the heart to kill his wife after she became infected, and he reveals the fate of his son Duane...



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