Season 3 - Episode 13: Arrow on the Doorpost

The Governor, Andrea and Rick

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In an effort to prevent any more deaths, Rick and the Governor meet to come up with a peace treaty. Rick, Daryl and Hershel ride out to a nearby farm in search of supplies. Entering a barn alone, Rick comes face-to-face with The Governor, his weapons discarded. Outside, Daryl and Hershel raise their weapons as a car approaches carrying Andrea, Milton and Martinez. Allowed through, Andrea enters the barn and is revealed as the architect of the meeting. She hopes that both sides will be able to thrash out their differences and focus on the real threat: walkers.

A clutch of walkers soon approach the barn and Martinez and Daryl team up to see them off, each trying to impress the other with their deadly skills. Hershel and Milton also seem to bond over common ground, but The Governor and Rick are on very different wavelengths...

Back at the prison, Merle wants to assassinate The Governor and is only kept from starting a bloodbath by Glenn. Negotiations reach an impasse and the two groups go their separate ways, but The Governor leaves only after offering Rick a deal that could stop the forthcoming battle.

What does The Governor want in exchange for peace? Where do Andrea's loyalties lie? Is Rick prepared to give The Governor what he wants?



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