Season 3 - Episode 14: Prey

The Governor

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As The Governor's forces prepare themselves for war in Woodbury, Andrea still clings to the idea that a deal might be struck and tries to counsel The Governor with Milton's support. But The Governor is intent on revenge for the death of his walker daughter and is constructing a barbaric torture room for the person responsible – Michonne.

Andrea, convinced that The Governor will order his forces to slaughter all of Rick's group when they reconvene at the barn, decides to escape Woodbury. With a bit of guile she gets past the guards, but she is armed only with a knife. The Governor learns of her disappearance and furiously follows her, tracking her down to an old factory littered with walkers.

Can Andrea escape The Governor's clutches? Who decimates the undead army he has amassed? And who is the first inmate to experience The Governor's torture chamber?



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