Season 2 - Episode 8: Nebraska

Rick and Hershel

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In the aftermath of the barn massacre, the group bury Sophia and Hershel mourns the loss of his wife. Hershel makes a decision: he wants the group off his land. And the devastation further causes fractures in the group.

Shane confronts Rick claiming Hershel knew of Sophia’s presence in the barn the whole time. However, Carol refuses to acknowledge the service that is held for her daughter and she falls into a deep depression.

Meanwhile Hershel removes all of his wife’s belongings from the house before disappearing, which causes his youngest daughter Beth to revert into herself, refusing all attempts at communication. Rick and Glenn, fearing that Hershel will start drinking again after years of sobriety, go looking for him in the town.

After arguing with Andrea and T-Dog over Shane’s actions which led to the barn massacre, Dale confides in Lori that he believes Shane sacrificed Otis to the walkers to save himself. She decides to go after Rick, but on the way into town her car hits a walker and she ends up in a ditch. Before long, she has attracted some unwanted attention...

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