Season 2 - Episode 3: Save the Last One

Episode 3: Save the Last One

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Hershel forces Rick and Lori to make an agonising decision: he must perform the life-saving surgery on their son Carl without the necessary equipment if Carl is to have any chance.

Andrea and Daryl go out in search of the still-missing Sophia. They stumble upon an abandoned tent, encountering a hanging undead ‘walker’ in the process. Upon returning to the camp, Dale attempts to reconcile with Andrea by returning her handgun. Glenn and T-Dog journey to the Greene home and T-Dog receives medical treatment for blood poisoning.

At the high school, a trapped Shane and Otis split up after struggling against a horde of walkers. Both are injured and when they regroup it seems they are fast running out of options with ammunition running low and the undead in relentless pursuit.

Shane returns from the school with the medical supplies for Carl, but at what price?

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