Season 2 - Episode 9: Triggerfinger


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Lori comes to in her crashed, over-turned car to a pair of walkers trying to get at her through the broken windscreen.

Following the altercation with the two aggressive strangers, Glenn and Rick have convinced Hershel to return to his farm. But, as they prepare to leave the bar, the dead men’s friends come looking for them. When Rick tells them that they are dead, they are forced to fight, only to find that walkers are approaching. In trying to escape one of the dead men's friends, a sniper gets injured.

Back at the farm, when the remaining members of the group gather for dinner, they realise that Lori is missing.

The next morning, Rick, Glenn and Hershel show up in a pick-up truck with the injured sniper, Randall, in the back. What will the group decide to do with the youngster?



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