Series 1 - Episode 7: Drowsy Dottywot

The Wotwots

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The WotWots and all the animals in the zoo are very sleepy in the noonday sun. But the arrival of a new animal soon has them wide awake and excited.

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  • Series 1 - Episode 8: Top And Tail

    Spottywot gets in trouble when his chair runs out of fuel and he's left hanging from the ship's rail. However, he isn't the only one who can swing using his hands.


  • Series 1 - Episode 6: Plodda Lotty

    SpottyWot becomes irritated by his sister's failure to move as fast as he would like. However, he finds himself impressed by a creature that does everything slowly.

  • Series 1 - Episode 5: Stripe A Lotty Wotty

    Having clapped eyes upon a rather stripey animal, the WotWots decide to investigate it further. SpottyWot comes up with a scheme to get stripes of his own.

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