Coming up on Fri 27 April

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Lynne McGregor - who plays Home & Away's Irene - joins and we'll be looking at having your children with you when you give birth.

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  • Ross

    almost 2 years ago


    my girlfriend gave birth to our second child 5 months ago. it all happened very quickly in the night, as i was down stairs letting the paramedics into the house our son baen (1 1/2) went into our room and watched his mum deliver his younger brother. not something we would have chosen to do but it didn't freak him out or anything and he never pointed at his mums stomach and said baby after that. bit of an early lesson in the miracle of life!

  • maxnottingham

    almost 2 years ago


    All this fuss about Mary Beards clothes. Professors are not usually dressers