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Football chairman Simon Jordan joins and and we'll see if you think the Olympics are being sold on sex?

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  • Aneta

    almost 2 years ago


    Rasists are everywhere not only in Poland. Morons are everywhere not only in Poland. Showing only negative view about Poland and Polish it can be taken also as rasism. Soon you will have Olimpic Games so you have to discourage people from going to Poland or Ukraine because less of them come to the Olimpic. I also would like to say that in the past English football fans wasn't as angelic as now. A few months ago you had riots in London. There was a chaos on the streets And it was very dangerous. What if media do a film about not going to the Olipmic games because in London riots can began any minute and streets, shops and people are in dangerous. What I want to say that we live in dangerous world and every place in this planet can be unpleasant.