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Brooke Kinsella joins and we'll be discussing life after losing a sibling.

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  • salma

    over 1 year ago


    I was upset hearing about the pineapple incident, if some students did feel offended then they had a right to complain. The atheists students did not want a debate about this, they were being ignorant and offensive, had they wanted a debate why not have fruit named after other religions, or actually have a talk for everyone to get involve. It upsets me the way people misuse freedom of speech. I do agree with the caller who said that because they called it mohammed doesnt mean it makes it so, but it was their intention. Being a muslim, who wears a hijab, I feel times have changed so much that, everyone has a strong opinion about muslims, whereas when I was growing people would ask, and now people just assume, had this been 15 years ago, people may not have complained. Its like if someone was abusing someone outside you may feel sorry for them but probably wouldnt step in, whereas if that was you or a loved one you would feel you had, because if you didnt no one would, you could walk away, but doing so may mean that the person would continue in their actions. This is the situation most muslims now feel in, its not just black and white. As a child I was always told to respect other people religions and belief, and because I didnt understand something didnt give me a right to make fun of it, and I have had friends of all faith and some who didnt believe, and the way we understood each other was by talking to each other. I teach my children the same, sadly my sons had nasty racist comments made at him at primary school, which I never went through. If we feel that freedom of speech comes with no responsibilty, does that mean we should teach our children that they can say what they want to a limit regardless of how is affects other people. Schools are constantly teaching kids about tolerance its sad that when they come to the outside world they going to find out its not so.