Coming up on Thurs 17 May

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Actress Wendi Peters joins and we'll look at people who work at home - surely it's just an excuse to stay in your jimjams all day?!

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  • Sophia

    almost 2 years ago


    Parents can't say that it's too expensive, or do not have the time to take their children swimming if they can still take the time and money to take them on holidays!! And I am sure there are quite a few guilty ones out there..STOP THE EXCUSES AND PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN AND ARM THEM WITH EXPERIENCES FOR LIFE. Love your show Matthew -Sophia, Northolt

  • Nadine llloyd

    almost 2 years ago

    Nadine llloyd

    After watching your show this morning on recycling I would like to say I was fed up with all the bins rattling around in my garden and so I designed my Own it will do the the job of 5 bins and only takes up the space of 2 bins but getting it to market is a nightmare will keep pushing my product and hope some one will listen