Coming up on Tues 10 July

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Sian Astley from Channel 5's Half Built House joins and we'll get your thoughts on women doing jobs typically taken up by men.

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  • claire

    almost 2 years ago


    really important - it's wrong that it is so hard/impossible to get hold of proper safety equipment. DIY stores should be legally made to provide in both mens and womens sizes especially things like face masks which never fit. Please, someone put this question on tv - whose responsibility is it? the government, the DIY stores? I don't know how to get it fixed. Women should not be being restricted in what they can do safely by people who design safety equipment. This also applies to children too - they also should be entitled to properly fitting face masks or goggles or gloves or protective clothing.. please!! someone fix this so i can walk into an ordinary DIY store and buy the things i need to be safe.