Coming up on Tues 11 Sept

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Join Matthew Wright alongside Terry Christian & Sally Bercow on the panel. We'll look at the news and then discuss the huge numbers of elderly drinking themselves stupid. Should we be tackling their anti-social behaviour? Or allow the grey-haired brigade

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  • wendy

    over 1 year ago


    conservattive party or sosdiggin full lenght trenchs for the poor, trench for those on disabiltity benefits, trench for geniun job seekers allowace, thow in afew pensionrs , screw over the public sector and these tenches are getting bigger...then we have the right for empoyers to sack at will, plus local councils to now charge poor people for council tax when they have nothing.... i will bet you the well off the 'conservative' and the big boys club will not sufer but just fill in the trenchesone spade of earth at a time ... who said the war was over coz those trenches are filling up .

  • Peter Danter

    over 1 year ago

    Peter Danter

    As always a fantastic show. What on earth was the matter with Terry Christian today? If it were possible to place a full size mirror in front of him, he would have started an argument with his reflection. It was obvious he had a low opinion of Boris Johnson but he became obsessive about it. His views were completely in opposition to virtually every other persons. I did wonder whether his minority view will eventually be accepted or understood? Although Terry tried to single handedly drag the high spirits of the country down to its previous doldrums, I still enjoyed the show immenesly. Terry please increace your medication and cheer up a bit!