Coming up on Tues 15 May

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Fay Ripley joins to share her views on the news and we'll hear the official Olympic GB song!

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  • glb37

    almost 2 years ago


    Matthew Wright got close to a crucial point (not discussed in this morning's programme) with the disability cut backs. This is - if a person on disability, gets around ok most of the time, but when he or she needs to - exagerates thier condition/s - in order to keep on disability benefit. acting out that they cannot get about is a very difficult thing to analyse though, but I'm sure the experts and care proffesionals will know who the ones are. Please could the discussion on this detail be on another programme soon?

  • ann

    almost 2 years ago


    if the goverment can take away disability benefit that help disabled people get around should'nt they stop MPS travel expenses