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John Thomson from No County For Old Men joins and we'll ask whether it's OK for a man to tell his lover her weight gain is putting him off?

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  • Mrs Martha Anderson

    almost 2 years ago

    Mrs Martha Anderson

    Today's discussion about Teachers! Surprised nobody identifies what's really wrong in UK schools - lack of Discipline in schools, powerless teachers and parents, unruly children who don't value school or education.a Government who who obviously doesn't value Teachers! I am a Secondary School Teacher. Myself and many friends trained overseas (Ghana) were shocked at first glance in UK classrooms. I sent my British born child to a Ghana school for 2 years. Her outlook on education, behaviour, focus and performance has been completely transformed. She now complains about UK system. Question is 'why is it that when under-chieving children are sent to African schools, they excel in school. However, their counterparts who remain here become way-ward and a menace to society?'

  • andrew smith

    almost 2 years ago

    andrew smith

    the being gay problem or lesbian on a show on bgt if simon cowell was worried why employe celebs to be on show it gets ratings and tongues wagging.