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Dallas star Charlene Tilton joins and we'll ask: if you can afford to give your children a leg up, should you help both or neither?

Comments (2)

  • Peter Danter

    over 1 year ago

    Peter Danter

    In complete contrast to the previous comment I have warmed to Nihal. Its true to say that no one can replace Matther Wright as he is brilliant but I felt compelled to make a comment this morning based on two things. 1) Charlene made all the panel work hard this morning and Nihal kept the flow of the show moving in the right direction even when reviewing the papers became similar to trudging through treacle 2) Nihal's ad libbing had me in stitches. His reaction to Kirsty's hesitation in calling him handsome was epic and when mentioning his dog had OCD because every time he threw a ball it just kept bringing it back was a real chuckle. Well done! love the show...

  • Vince Payton

    over 1 year ago

    Vince Payton

    For the first time ever I am complaining. Of all the guest presenters who have appeared in Matthew's absence, Nihal is the only one who has me close to switching off. I find him irritating in the extreme and would not be upset if he never appeared again. He would appear to have an excessive sense of his own importance and too often interrupts panellists to push his own opinion (which I usually disagree with, he just gets up my nose) . No thank you !