Hey mom, meet my new man!

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Scott Capurro reveals in the summer of '82, he dated someone already well known to his beloved mother...

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  • James Chambers

    2 years ago

    James Chambers

    How refreshing to have such an open, entertaining and intelligent guest as Mr Capurro on the show. Well done to all involved, congratulations, keep it up! Particularly impressed by his accurate comments while reading the papers on the kind of extraordinary stupidity displayed by people who claim to 'believe' in fictional characters.

  • Elizabeth Ann Biddulph

    2 years ago

    Elizabeth Ann Biddulph

    I donot believe Mr Capurro is a suitable person for this breakfast time show. His humour is contstantly lewd and suggestive ~ in fact he seems to be obsessed with sex, namely gay sex. All this is not suitable for television during the saytime when children may be watching. The 9 oclock water shed is referring to 9 oclock at night, not in the morning.